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Providing immigration advice, support and advocacy for New Zealand businesses and their employees for over 15 years

Immigration Simplified

Aims Global is an agile team of licensed immigration advisers and experts providing professional immigration advice and support for our employer partners since 2005. We simplify complex immigration policies and offer guidance on what these mean for our partners. With these impending changes, New Zealand employers and recruiters will undoubtedly face significant adjustments in their recruitment and employment practices. Aims Global can act as an immigration arm for businesses to help them navigate these changes, reduce resource constraints so you can focus on your employees rather than their visa complications. 

We can help you:

   Stay at the forefront of policy changes
   Effectively plan your talent acquisition strategy
   Simplify the complexity of immigration process
   Reduce the stress and time demand on your HR team
   Get information from trusted resources and avoid legal risks 
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Aims Global Immigration & Education Services, in association with RCSA (Recruitment, Consulting & Staffing Association of Australia & NZ) invite you to a panel discussion on "Immigration changes and the future for Employers & Recruiters".